According to Press Council data, there are 47.000 mass media in Indonesia*
  • 93% is Online Media, 4% is Printed Media, the rest 2% is Electronic Media*
  • Don’t forget to count the comments from social media
  • Do you able to gathered data and compile those contents?
  • Could you pull connecting line across mainstream and social media?
  • Which person and entities related to you the most?

About Us

Socindex is a BIG DATA MONITORING tools.
Dashboard equipped with analysis tools, measurement, with user friendly visualization.
The leveraging of machine learning and traditional algorithms to analyze the Big data for any organization can solve problems in multiple verticals Socindex use DEEP LEARNING methods based on Learning Data Representations (Data Sampling)

Why Us


  • 1st platform in integrating data from Mainstream & Social Media


  • Unlimited data stream: Grabs more than 20k data within a day
  • Unlimited Media: Collect more than 500 credible printed and online media
  • Gather data from Print, Online, Broadcast & Social Media


  • Pull data and reporting within 10 minutes
  • Prevent a crisis with cut down on response time


  • Our developed AI accurately assign sentiment on each data


  • Better mapping campaigns to specific business objectives or organization
  • Our ontology helps you find connected entity, most influence person and location related to you
  • Gain market intelligence by tracking your competitors and key topics within your industry
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